How to Paint Windows Black [Including vinyl exterior frames!]

Everything You Need to Know About Painting Your Windows Black

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This summer, we decided to give our home’s exterior a makeover, and one of the things on our wishlist was to have black window frames. However, the cost of replacing all 11 window frames was way beyond our budget, so we took matters into our own hands and decided to paint them ourselves. In this article, we will guide you through the process of painting windows black, whether you have vinyl or wood frames. We will also share some helpful tips along the way!

The Risks of Painting Vinyl Black

One of the major concerns when it comes to painting vinyl siding or windows a darker color is the risk of heat absorption, which can cause the vinyl to warp beyond repair. However, paint technology has come a long way, and companies like Sherwin-Williams have created Vinyl Safe Colour Palettes with darker colors that won’t trap heat and damage your vinyl. These vinyl-safe colors can be found in many popular exterior paints, including SuperPaint, Duration, Resilience, and Emerald.

Other Considerations Before Painting Your Window Frames

Before you begin painting your window frames, there are a few other factors to consider:

  1. Warranty: Check if your windows have a warranty, as painting them might void it. If you no longer have any warranty, this might not be a concern.

  2. Sun Exposure: Take note of the areas on your house that receive the most sun. This is important because darker colors tend to absorb more heat. If you have windows that are predominantly exposed to the sun, you may want to take extra precautions or consider other options.

  3. Climate: Consider the climate you live in, especially in terms of temperature and sunlight. If you live in an area with extremely hot temperatures, you might want to evaluate the potential impact of heat on your painted windows.

  4. Testimonials and Experience: Hearing from others who have successfully painted their vinyl windows can provide valuable insight and confidence in your decision. Additionally, drawing from your own experience with painted vinyl windows can help inform your judgment.

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Materials You’ll Need

To paint your windows black, gather the following materials:


  • Extreme Bond Primer
  • Vinyl Safe Paint
  • FrogTape
  • Plastic Film
  • Brushes or paint sprayer

vinyl safe paint for black windows
painting materials

How to Paint Windows Black

Which Vinyl Safe Paint Can You Use for Black Windows?

Finding black vinyl paint can be a challenge, but with some help from local paint experts, we were able to identify the right paint for the job. It is crucial to choose a paint that doesn’t contain black colorant to mitigate the risks associated with heat. The paint we used initially appeared blue but dried black after multiple coats.

The Importance of a Test Paint

Before committing to painting all your windows, it’s essential to do a test paint to assess the results. Choose a window that may need replacement soon, so if any damage occurs, it would necessitate replacement anyway. Apply primer and paint to the test window, and let it endure various weather conditions. By evaluating the performance of the test window, you can gain confidence in proceeding with the rest of the windows.

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best primer to use on vinyl windows

Prepping Your Windows

Properly prepping your windows is crucial to achieve a professional finish. Start by pressure washing them to remove dirt and debris. Then, wipe them down with a heavy-duty cleaner like TSP to ensure a clean surface. After cleaning, tape off the windows and apply the Extreme Bond Primer to all the frames. To protect the interior and the window track, remove the interior sliding window and tape off the inside.

how to protect windows when painting
showing how to protect window track when painting

The Importance of Priming Vinyl Window Frames

One common question is whether priming vinyl window frames is necessary. While it may not be required, using an Extreme Bond Primer specifically formulated for vinyl frames is highly recommended. Regular paint, including vinyl-safe formulas, tends to adhere better to vinyl with the primer as a base. Applying primer ensures a strong bond between the paint and the vinyl, resulting in a longer-lasting finish.

how to paint windows black

Painting Techniques: Brush vs. Paint Sprayer

We painted all our windows using brushes and a dollar store foam roller for the flat parts. However, if you have a paint sprayer, it can significantly speed up the process. When using a sprayer, be sure to tape off the glass and surrounding areas to prevent overspray. If you choose to use a brush, use a straight edge to protect the siding while painting. A small razor can be used to remove any imperfections from the brush.

how to use vinyl safe paint
after painting vinyl windows black

Achieving the Perfect Finish with Multiple Coats

Since the vinyl-safe paint we used initially appeared blue, multiple coats were necessary to achieve the desired black finish. You might notice the blue tint after the first coat, but subsequent coats will gradually cover it. We recommend applying a third coat to ensure a consistent black appearance. For visual examples at each stage of the painting process, check out the video tutorial linked below.

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Painting Wood Window Frames Black

If you have wooden window frames, the process remains largely the same. While there is less risk of warping with wood, you can still use vinyl-safe paint to maintain a cohesive appearance. Prepare, prime, and paint the wooden frames following the same steps described above.

how to paint wood window frames
painting wood window frames

Finishing Touches for Your Newly Painted Windows

After completing three coats, take a walk around the windows to look for any small spots that may need touch-ups. If you find any paint on the inside of the windows, it can easily be removed with a small razor and an SOS pad. When removing tape, ensure that no paint is left behind on the glass. Investing in high-quality painter’s tape can make a significant difference in preventing any paint-related issues.

Video Tutorial: Learn How to Paint Windows Black

Don’t forget to check out our video tutorial for a visual guide to painting windows black. Subscribe to our channel for more affordable DIY projects!

Our Finished Black Window Frames

newly painted black window frames
black window frames
vinyl window frames painted black
grey exterior with black windows

We couldn’t be happier with the results of our DIY exterior makeover. By painting our window frames black, we achieved a modern and stylish look for our home. Are you ready to transform your windows? Follow our guide and enjoy the benefits of beautifully painted windows!

black window frames
black window frames

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