Dodge ProMaster Touch Up Paint

Find the Ideal Touch-Up Paint for Your Dodge ProMaster

Are you in need of touch-up paint for your Dodge ProMaster? Look no further! PaintScratch has got you covered. We offer a wide range of Dodge ProMaster touch-up paint options for various years. Simply click on your ProMaster’s year to explore the available colors.

Rest assured, when you choose our Dodge ProMaster touch-up paint, it will flawlessly match the original factory color chip for Dodge vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Top-Quality Touch-Up Paint for Your Dodge ProMaster

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To make your ProMaster paint repair a breeze, you can order Dodge ProMaster paint pens, brush cap bottles, and spray cans from our secure online store. If you have minor scratches, the paint pen will do the job perfectly. For slightly larger scratches and chips, we recommend using a brush bottle. And for more extensive paint repairs, a Dodge ProMaster spray paint can will deliver the best results.

Useful Resources for Your Dodge ProMaster Paint Repair

We understand that you may need a little guidance when it comes to applying touch-up paint to your Dodge ProMaster. That’s why we have put together some helpful resources just for you:

  • Touch-Up Paint Videos: Watch and learn how to apply touch-up paint to your Dodge ProMaster.
  • How To Apply Touch-Up Paint: Detailed instructions on using automotive paint for your Dodge ProMaster.

Discover Your ProMaster Color & Paint Code

Locating your Dodge paint code can be a bit tricky. In the past, Dodge used to place their color ID tags on the vehicle’s radiator support, but now they can be found on the driver’s door jamb. Here’s an example of where you can find the Dodge paint code:

Dodge Color Code Location

The typical format for a Dodge color code is: PNT : PRV. It consists of three digits, usually beginning with a “P”. The letters “PNT:” stand for “Paint Code”. For example, “PNT:PRV” indicates a color code of “PPK”.

There are also other Dodge color code formats, such as BS/GBS. In this case, only “BS” is the Dodge color code. Sometimes it may be shown as QBS, PBS, TBS, and so on, adding to the confusion. The first letter represents the Dodge “Year Code,” which can make color codes a bit puzzling.

Dodge also has two-tone combinations for some cars, with each tone being a different color. However, the secondary color information is often missing, making it difficult to determine the exact colors without consulting a color book.

It’s worth noting that Dodge uses the same color across multiple models but gives each model a different color name. So, the color code plays a vital role in ensuring you order the correct paint.

For example, the color code “BS” is known as Deep Water Blue Pearl Clearcoat. However, it may also be referred to as Blue Clearcoat, Ocean Clearcoat, and so on, depending on the marketing department’s decision.

Rest assured, with PaintScratch, you’ll get the perfect touch-up paint to keep your Dodge ProMaster looking its best.

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