Concrete Pool Deck Paint Ideas: 5 Popular Colors and Designs

A fresh markdown-formatted article that aims to help you choose the perfect paint colors and designs for your concrete pool deck.

Benefits of Using Concrete Pool Deck Paint

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Apart from adding beauty, painting your concrete pool deck offers several advantages that you may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Enhances Beauty

Unfinished concrete can become strikingly beautiful with the right coat of paint. Moreover, by selecting a color that coordinates with the surrounding area, a painted pool deck can improve the overall beauty and appearance of your pool area.

Easy Application

Thanks to its porous surface, concrete is incredibly easy to paint. With the assistance of a skilled team and the right painting equipment, most concrete pool decks can be painted within a single afternoon. Adding a final coat of deck waterproofing ensures the beauty and strength of your concrete surfaces are maintained for years to come.


Compared to other pool deck materials and finishes, concrete pool deck paint is one of the most cost-effective options available. It saves you money in the long run when compared to wood and masonry decks, which require expensive finishes and time-consuming applications.

Protects Surfaces

A coat of paint, along with a top coat of waterproof deck coating, can protect your concrete pool deck from water damage caused by pool water, rain, and other potential vectors. Deck paints and waterproof coatings are essential for preserving the strength and beauty of your deck in the face of concrete’s susceptibility to water infiltration and damage.

5 Most Popular Colors for Concrete Pool Deck Paint

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When it comes to choosing the right paint color for your concrete pool deck, these 5 popular options are worth considering:

1. Whites and Off-Whites

Whites, off-whites, and beiges are classic choices for pool deck colors. They evoke a sense of soft, sandy beaches and also reflect the sun, keeping the surface cool on hot days. The neutral nature of these colors is particularly useful if you want your pool deck to blend seamlessly with the surrounding structures.

2. Blues and Grays

Blues and grays, being closely associated with water and the sea, make excellent pool deck colors. While unfinished concrete is naturally gray, adding deeper or lighter shades of gray provides a cleaner appearance. Blues, on the other hand, can be complementary to the brilliant blue of the swimming pool itself.

3. Tans and Browns

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To replicate traditional masonry and earthy surroundings, tans and browns are great choices. Reddish-brown and tan hues can make a concrete slab resemble terracotta masonry, while light and dark shades of brown can mimic dirt and earth, creating the look of a desert oasis or a natural swimming hole.

4. Color Mixtures

Why stick with just one color? By using multiple colors, you can create various patterns and combinations on your concrete pool deck. From free-flowing floral patterns to strong geometric shapes, the possibilities are endless. With a layer of deck waterproofing, your designs will be preserved for years to come.

5. Bold Colors

If you want your pool deck to stand out, consider using bright and bold colors. While these colors may not blend in with the surroundings, they can make your uniquely shaped pool deck a focal point. In some cases, matching the pool deck color to the surrounding structures can also be a complementary choice.

Concrete Pool Deck Paint Design Ideas

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Concrete pool decks offer a flat surface that can be transformed into various designs. Here are a few popular design ideas to inspire you:

Solid Color with Trim

A timeless and sophisticated choice, a solid color deck with a contrasting trim is a popular design. The trim is usually a lighter or darker shade of the deck color, but you can also use a completely different color. For example, a solid white deck with a bright blue trim can create a Mediterranean coastal feel.

Faux Tiles

Why bother with expensive tiles and messy grout when you can paint them on? With the right choice of colors that replicate natural stone, you can give your solid concrete deck the look of a hand-laid masonry patio at a fraction of the cost.

Geometric Patterns

While square, tile-like patterns are great for pool decks, you can also create geometric patterns of other shapes using paint. For instance, you can opt for a repeating hexagonal pattern, with each hexagon forming an individual “tile.” By using different shades of paint, you can alternate colors across the deck and even create a color gradient.

Floral Patterns

If you prefer a more intricate design, floral patterns are a great choice. Whether it’s a network of budding vines or a border of flowers, floral patterns add a touch of elegance to your concrete deck. While they may require more work than geometric patterns, the end result is truly captivating.

Pattern Combinations

Why settle for one design when you can combine different patterns? Experiment with solid colors, geometric shapes, and floral patterns to create a unique and customized look for your pool deck. A solid grid of square “tiles” can be enhanced by adding floral embellishments along the borders, making your pool deck truly one-of-a-kind.

How to Apply Concrete Pool Deck Paint to an Existing Deck

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The process of painting a pool deck remains largely the same, regardless of the color or design you choose. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Surface Preparation: Before painting, ensure your concrete pool deck is thoroughly cleaned and stripped of any previous finishes.

  2. Applying the Paint: Solid colors can be easily applied using a spray gun or roller. For more intricate designs, such as geometric patterns or floral elements, using a template will help you achieve precise and consistent results.

  3. Deck Waterproofing: After painting, protect your investment by applying a coat of deck waterproofing. This not only preserves the paint but also prevents water from seeping into the porous concrete underneath.

Remember, while applying a new coat of paint may be necessary in the future, reapplication is just as effective and easy as the initial application.

Protect Your Paint with Pool Deck Waterproofing from Capital Deck & Stair

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While you can paint your own pool deck and apply waterproofing, it’s always best to trust experts for guaranteed results and an attractive finish. Capital Deck & Stair has been providing waterproofing services to homes and businesses in Southern California for over 30 years. Their professional team ensures quality workmanship and offers a warranty to back their services.

To learn more and receive a free estimate, contact Capital Deck & Stair at (424) 339-0953 or visit their pool deck waterproofing page. Your pool deck deserves the best protection!

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