Cost of a Boat Lift vs Bottom Paint


Are you curious about the cost of a boat lift vs bottom paint? If so, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has the answers you’re looking for! Owning a boat comes with hidden expenses, from storage costs to transportation plans. One important decision boat owners face is how to store their boat. Options include keeping it in the water at a dock or marina or using a boat lift, dry storage, or trailer. In this article, we will compare the cost of a boat lift to bottom paint and help you make an informed choice.

How Much Does Bottom Paint Cost for Boats?

Bottom painting is an ongoing expense for boat owners. Regardless of how well you clean your boat, it will eventually require painting. Companies often charge based on the length of your boat, with prices increasing as the size of the boat increases. Alternatively, some marine contractors provide customized estimates for specific boats. The cost of bottom painting depends on factors such as paint, labor, supplies, and incidentals.


There are three types of bottom paint to choose from, each with a different price point and level of protection. Prices range from $100 to $300 per gallon, depending on the quality and availability of the paint. Marine contractors recommend specific paints based on the length of time your boat will be in the water. Larger vessels require a higher level of protection. To estimate how much paint you’ll need, calculate the approximate underwater surface area using the formula: Length X Beam X 0.75 = Approximate surface area (square feet). Labor costs for grinding the boat’s gelcoat and applying primer may also apply.


Don’t underestimate the cost of labor for bottom painting. If the final cost is based on the size of your boat, it will closely reflect the estimate provided. Labor costs include not only painting but also removing the boat from the water and suspending it on blocks. Additional work or unforeseen problems can increase labor costs.


Supplies include tools and consumable materials needed to complete the work. If you’re working with a contractor or boatyard, the cost of supplies may be factored into the overall price. However, if you’re planning a do-it-yourself project, the costs for supplies can vary.


Many states have regulations regarding the disposal of materials used in marine contracting jobs. Bottom paint contains toxic chemicals that require special handling. The cost of disposal and insurance charges are usually minimal but taken into account in the overall estimate.

On average, expect to pay $125-$150 per linear foot for bottom painting. For a 26-foot boat, the cost can range from $3,250 to $3,900 for a quality job. Remember that bottom paint needs to be reapplied every few years, so the cost adds up over time. Considering this, many boat owners opt for alternative storage methods such as boat lifts to avoid the expenses associated with bottom painting.

How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost?

Boat lift prices vary depending on the specific product line and style. At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we offer over 10 types of boat lifts for residential and commercial use, as well as floating docks, gangways, and accessories. With such variety, there is a wide range of price points. To determine the cost of a boat lift for your specific needs, we recommend requesting a quote from your local boat dealer.

A boat lift is a one-time upfront investment that eliminates many maintenance and repair costs associated with storing your boat in the water. Additionally, boat lifts provide convenient access, protect your boat from algae and growth, and prevent corrosion and electrolysis damage. The cost of these issues can be significant. Choosing a boat lift over bottom paint is also beneficial for the resale value of your boat.

Boat Lift vs Bottom Paint Comparison

The cost of a boat lift vs bottom paint is a decision that requires careful consideration based on your specific needs and circumstances. A boat lift is a long-term investment that can save you money over time and offers additional benefits such as convenience, easy access, security, and enhanced appearance for your waterfront property.

If you’re ready to trade constant maintenance and repair costs for secure and easy boat lift storage, don’t hesitate to request a quote from IMM Quality Boat Lifts. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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