7 Garage Door Trim Ideas for Exterior Home Upgrades

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Garage Door Trim

Ensuring that your clients are satisfied with their home’s curb appeal is crucial for any siding project. While lap siding plays a significant role in the overall look, it’s essential not to overlook the garage and its surrounding trim. To help you and your clients make informed choices, we’ve tapped into the expertise of Kyle Miller, Marketing and Sales Director at All Around Construction, for some unique garage door trim ideas. Consider these options to achieve the perfect siding and trim combination for your next project!

Guidelines for Garage Door Trim

When planning a re-siding project, it’s important to consider the trim for the garage door, especially if the other areas of the home will feature new trim. Leaving the garage door trim old and worn while updating the rest of the trim can negatively impact the home’s curb appeal. However, it’s essential to maintain consistency throughout the home. According to Miller, “avoid making drastic changes to the garage door trim that aren’t also applied elsewhere in the house.”

Additionally, the condition of the garage door itself matters. The trim draws attention and highlights what it frames. Miller advises homeowners to invest in a quality garage door if they plan to opt for unique trim. “With unique trim, you’ll draw more attention to the garage door,” he says.

Trim Ideas for Garage Doors

The possibilities for garage door trim ideas are virtually limitless, given the availability of trim in various colors, widths, and textures. Miller suggests a few primary design ideas to discuss with your clients:

  1. Complementary Colors: Ensure that the garage door trim matches the trim around other openings, such as windows and doors. You can also consider matching it to the soffit and fascia color. This approach allows the trim to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home’s exterior, creating a cohesive look.
  2. Matching Widths: Typically, it is best to match the width of the garage door trim to that of other trim applications on the home. However, there may be limitations due to the proximity of garage doors to each other or to a corner post. In such cases, consider the proportions and aim for consistency.
  3. Varying Widths: If your clients are open to mixing widths, you can choose wider or narrower trim options depending on how prominent they want the garage to be. Wider trim brings more attention to the garage, while narrower trim helps it blend in. Be sure to maintain a cohesive overall look.
  4. Wider Trim on Top: One design idea is to use a taller or higher-profile board on the top of the garage, while keeping the rest of the trim the same width as the home’s siding. This adds visual interest and draws the eye in, making for an impactful yet subtle addition to the home’s design.
  5. Keystones: Consider adding a keystone, a decorative element placed in the center of the top of the garage, to enhance curb appeal. This complements other unique trim and siding elements throughout the home, adding a special touch to the overall design.
  6. Lighting Elements: Install light fixtures that highlight the garage door trim and make it stand out. Opt for unique styles that match the home’s overall look, rather than standard fixtures.
  7. House Numbers: Adding house numbers over the trim draws more attention to it. Encourage your clients to get creative with the placement of their house numbers, as an unconventional location can both highlight the trim and contribute to a distinctive overall appearance.

Garage Door Trim Ideas

These suggestions serve as a starting point for garage door trim ideas. For endless possibilities, consider using engineered wood products like LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. LP SmartSide ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding offers a wide range of sizes, textures, and 16 versatile colors that match any home’s style. “LP SmartSide trim and siding also cuts like traditional wood, allowing for customization,” Miller adds. With its advanced durability, LP SmartSide trim is an excellent choice for achieving unique garage door trim ideas.

Excited to see how these garage door trim ideas will complement your exterior style? Try them out today, along with other exterior home design trends, using our siding visualizer tool!

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