Acrylic Paneling

Acrylic paneling provides a distinctive and captivating design for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of interior style to your home or create an appealing and practical acrylic divider for your business, Tree Towns Digital Decor offers the perfect solution.

What Sets Acrylic Wall Paneling Apart?

Acrylic Paneling on a wall with lights

Acrylic wall paneling, also known as “acrylics,” are versatile panels or barriers that breathe life into your living or workspace. At Tree Towns Digital Decor, we provide three types of acrylic wall coverings: backlit, dividers, and mirrored options.

Wall Art: Unleash Your Creativity

We specialize in creating custom, original acrylic wall art for homes and offices. Our acrylic wall art not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a room but also improves lighting and acoustics. Whether you’re working or relaxing, our unique designs foster creativity. Choose from a wide range of options and let our team guide you in selecting the perfect design and placement for your artwork.

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Backlit: Illuminate Your Space

Our backlit wall coverings are designed to impress. These floor-to-ceiling panels feature captivating backlit graphics that elevate the ambiance of any room. Choose between ready-made snap frames, custom-built light boxes, or floating art frames to perfectly showcase your style.

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Mirrored: Reflect Your Personality

Mirror Acrylic Paneling on ceiling

Create a stunning reflective view with our mirrored acrylic wall coverings. These versatile panels can be used as wall claddings, ceiling tiles, and more. Our team can customize your mirrored acrylic wall coverings to your exact specifications, ensuring a truly unique addition to your space.

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Dividers: Flexible and Functional

Our acrylic dividers offer freedom and versatility. These free-form panels don’t need to be attached to walls, allowing you to create dynamic spaces. Choose from our wire hanging systems and powder-coated aluminum framing options to tailor your dividers to your space. Let our digital texture technology bring your design ideas to life.

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The Advantages of Acrylic Wall Paneling

Acrylic wall coverings from Tree Towns offer a range of benefits that traditional wall graphics and coverings simply can’t match. Enjoy enhanced aesthetics, practical applications, and the ability to customize your order to your specific needs and preferences.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Love at First Sight

Acrylic wall coverings are a visual delight. Whether you opt for backlit acrylic coverings or more practical options like dividers or mirrored panels, their undeniable beauty will captivate your guests and customers.

Unique Lighting and Practical Dividers

Acrylic Paneling on a restaurant wall

Acrylic wall coverings aren’t just visually stunning; they also serve a practical purpose. Enhance the lighting in your space with our backlit options. Use acrylic dividers to create natural walkways or define lines in your store or restaurant.

Customization Tailored to You

While other providers offer standard sizes and limited design options, Tree Towns gives you complete customization. We believe in delivering exactly what you need, allowing you to create acrylic wall coverings that are truly one-of-a-kind for your home or business.

Contact Tree Towns for Expert Advice

Ready to explore the possibilities of acrylic wall coverings for your space? The experienced team at Tree Towns Digital Decor is here to help. Whether you’re considering backlit, dividers, or mirrored options, we’ll guide you through the design process. Call us today at 630-931-2229 or message us to get started on creating the perfect acrylic wall coverings for your unique space.

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