How to Paint an Old Concrete Driveway


Hey there, my friends! You know, sometimes I can be a total procrastinator when it comes to tackling home improvement projects. I mean, who isn’t? We often get overwhelmed by the choices, doubts, and the sheer magnitude of the task at hand. I’ve been putting off painting our old concrete driveways for over two years! Yep, you heard that right, we have not one, but two driveways to deal with. Plus, there’s the paving in the garage and backyard. It’s a massive area to cover, but we finally bit the bullet and got started on this long overdue project.

Before: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this DIY adventure, let’s take a moment to reminisce about how our driveway and carport area looked before we began our exterior renovation. Ah, the memories! Our house, with its beautiful old wisteria, used to have so much character. I was truly dedicated to trimming it with love. Sadly, one day it withered away, leaving me devastated. As you can see from the pictures below, the wisteria had a significant role in holding the old carport together. RIP, dear wisteria.

I also bid farewell to my beloved old Pulsar, which I drove like an Italian racecar driver in a former life.


By the way, I had already painted one of the concrete driveways years ago using a paving paint. Doesn’t it look good?

Painted Driveway

I had even attempted to dramatically improve the old wooden carport by painting it white at one point. Unfortunately, it made only a marginal difference.

Wooden Carport

Choosing the Right Product

After our exterior renovation, we extended the existing driveway, creating more parking space. However, the cracks in the old driveway began to bother my meticulous husband. Initially, I was hesitant to demolish all that concrete, but I managed to convince him that everything would look much better if we painted it all the same color. Nevertheless, more than two years passed, and we had yet to paint or seal the driveways. I was not enthusiastic about the task at hand because I had previously used two different types of pavement/driveway paint, and neither impressed me. The paint faded over time, leaving me disappointed. I mean, come on, we live in Australia, and the sun is brutal! Concrete gets scorching hot, so it’s no wonder the paint fades, right? But who wants to put effort, money, and energy into painting such a large area, only for it to look shabby in a few years? Not me!

Faded Paint

A DIY Hero to the Rescue

However, my dissatisfaction didn’t stop me from seeking a solution. I turned to Google and stumbled upon a familiar face – Michelle from the Jarrah Jungle blog, who happens to live right here in Perth! Michelle’s blog, although she no longer contributes to it, is a treasure trove of valuable information. She documented her home renovation journey and shared practical tips and honest advice on various projects, including painting driveways. I was impressed by how stunning her driveway looked in the photos, so I decided to follow her lead.

The Magic of Crommelin

I purchased the Crommelin DiamondCoat Tintable Sealer, a solvent-based product, and a tin of Crommelin DiamondCoat Tint in Basalt, a lovely deep grey color. You can find these products at Bunnings. The friendly staff at the paint desk mixed the tints for me. We ended up needing another large tin for the second coat, and we still have more painting to do on the other driveway and in the backyard. This project is truly a mammoth task! In total, the materials cost us a bit over $400, including the roller and brush.

Crommelin Products

Seizing the Opportunity

Believe it or not, the concrete sealer sat in our shed for months. But fate had a different plan. After ten months of no community transmission of COVID-19 in Western Australia (yes, we are incredibly fortunate to reside in this part of the world), a hotel quarantine security officer tested positive. Consequently, a Perth-wide lockdown was imposed, giving us the perfect opportunity to finally tackle this long-delayed DIY project.

Summer Lockdown

The DIY Process

First, Mr. Nerd used our trusty Bosch pressure washer to thoroughly clean the driveway. We also used a degreaser spray to tackle those pesky oil marks. We did our best to remove as many weeds from the cracks as we could and swept the area meticulously.

Pressure Washing
Degreaser Spray

Next, I took over and carefully applied the sealer to the edges and indents using a large brush. I knew the roller wouldn’t be able to reach those areas effectively.

Applying Sealer

Once the edges were done, it was time to bring out the roller. I used a large Monarch roller on a pole and tray to cover the rest of the driveway.


Results: Before and After

After the first coat dried for a couple of hours (remember, it was scorching hot), we applied a second coat. And just like that, it was done! The sealer can withstand light foot traffic in 24 hours and fully cures in seven days.

Before and After

I must say, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the Crommelin sealer. It went on smoothly, and despite appearing thin in the tin (not as thick and goopy as pavement paint), the concrete eagerly absorbed it without losing its opacity and color. I wonder if the difference lies in the fact that this product is a sealer rather than a pavement paint. We opted for the Satin finish, which has a subtle glossiness that perfectly complements our house. Even the cracks in the old sections of the driveway no longer bother us as much.

Satin Finish

Final Thoughts

Now, only time will tell how well the Crommelin sealer holds up. For now, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Of course, it might not look as flawless as a professionally painted brand new driveway. The kids have already left their marks with their bikes (Little Nerd even learned to ride without training wheels during the lockdown!). However, when we returned home and saw the beautifully painted driveway, which had looked tired and patchy for so long, it brought me immense joy. Call me a house nerd, but it’s the little triumphs like these that make all the effort worthwhile.

Now, we just need to muster up the enthusiasm to tackle the other areas we haven’t shown you yet. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Maya x

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