Can You Decorate A Cake With Artificial Flowers?

Can You Decorate A Cake With Artificial Flowers?

Decorating Cakes with Artificial Flowers

Yes, you can adorn your cakes with artificial flowers regardless of the occasion or the type of cake. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or anniversary cake, artificial flowers are a fantastic choice for decoration.

Flowers and cakes make a stunning combination. There are several reasons why artificial flowers are a better option than real flowers. They require less preparation, are available at all times regardless of the season, and do not need watering. Just remember to inform your guests that the flowers are not edible.

Preparing to Decorate Your Cake with Artificial Flowers

Every cake has a purpose, and when it comes to decorating your special cake with flowers, it’s relatively straightforward. However, the most critical part of the process is selecting the right flowers for the cake.

Whether you’re a cake maker or a buyer, understanding the cake’s purpose is crucial. Is it for a birthday, a memorial, an anniversary, or a wedding? The occasion should guide you in choosing the appropriate flowers. The materials you’ll need for cake decoration include artificial flowers, your cake (of course!), wax paper and/or plastic wrap, paper towels, scissors, and a sink. Follow the steps below to decorate your cake with artificial flowers.

Step One: Get the Right Flowers

The first step in decorating your cake is choosing the perfect artificial flowers. While there are many options available, silk flowers are the most realistic choice. If silk flowers are unavailable, there are other alternatives to consider. However, silk flowers are the premium and most lifelike option. It’s also important to ensure that the dyes and materials used on the flowers are non-toxic.

Before ordering flowers online, decide on the color scheme, flower size, number of flowers, and overall theme of the cake. This will help you make an informed decision about which type of artificial flowers to purchase.

Step Two: Trim the Flowers

Once you have the flowers for your cake decoration, the next step is to trim the stems. If you want the flowers to lie flat on the cake, keep the stem as short as possible.

For larger, heavier flowers that require more support and stability, you can keep the stem longer. However, if the artificial flowers are meant to sit directly on the cake’s surface, you can remove the stems altogether.

Step Three: Clean the Flowers

After modifying the stems, it’s time to wash the flowers. Since you’ll be placing the flowers on an edible cake, it’s essential to thoroughly clean them.

Wash every part of the flower, from the stem and petals to the leaves. Although you won’t be consuming the flowers, it’s important to remove any dirt that could contaminate the cake. Take extra care to wash them properly.

Step Four: Allow the Flowers to Dry

Once the flowers are clean, make sure to dry them before placing them on your cake. Gently shake the flowers to remove any trapped water and use a paper towel to dry them thoroughly. To remove any water trapped in the petals, gently turn the flowers upside down and dab them. Drying the flowers will prevent water from ruining the cake’s icing!

Step Five: Decorate the Cake with the Flowers

Now that you’ve completed the preparations, it’s time to adorn your cake with the artificial flowers. There are two common ways to execute the decoration.

Placing the Flowers on the Surface of the Cake

You can place the flowers on the cake’s surface without attaching them. To do this, use a piece of wax paper to cover the area where the flowers will sit. Then, use a small amount of buttercream or icing to stick the flowers to the wax paper. This method allows for easy removal and prevents contact with the portion of the cake that people will eat.

Embedding Part of the Flower Inside the Cake

The other method involves inserting the stem of the flower into the cake. This is necessary if the flower requires stability. If you choose this method, wrap the flower’s stem in plastic wrap before inserting it into the cake. Use a small section of plastic wrap to cover the stem, then insert the stems into the cake one by one, following your desired design.

Why Not Use Real Flowers?

When shopping for real flowers for cake decoration, it’s better to opt for organic flowers. This ensures that there are no pesticides or herbicides on your cake. Using organic flowers also eliminates the risk of bugs trapped within the petals and contaminating your cake.

Real flowers, whether organic or not, require careful handling when washing. Cut the stem to the appropriate length (around 1.5 inches) and dip it into cold water. If you’re concerned about bugs, dip the entire flower into the water for a few minutes, then remove and dry it with a paper towel. Be cautious not to damage the flowers by washing or pressing too hard.

It’s also important to avoid using toxic flowers for cake decoration. If you’re unsure about a flower’s toxicity, ask the seller or read reviews online. This is especially crucial when cutting stems and inserting them into the cake.

Fake Flowers vs. Real Flowers for Cake Decoration

Artificial Flowers


  • Widely accepted for cake decoration
  • Available in different brands, qualities, and colors
  • Realistic and beautiful
  • Relatively affordable
  • Accessible all year round
  • Low maintenance
  • Less sensitive to weather conditions
  • Non-edible, eliminating allergy risks
  • Perfect for occasions where the cake needs to sit before cutting, like weddings


  • Desired type may not be available at local stores
  • Requires some search to find the desired flowers
  • Cheap and low-quality options available, except for high-quality artificial flowers

Real Flowers


  • Beautiful with delicate petals and fresh colors
  • Available in various sizes, shapes, and variants


  • Seasonal availability
  • Some flowers wilt quickly without water
  • May start wilting before the cake is cut
  • Immediate wilting after the cake is cut
  • Baker’s choice may not meet personal taste
  • Some fresh flowers are poisonous and pose a danger when used for cake decoration

How to Arrange Artificial Flowers on Cakes

Can You Decorate A Cake With Artificial Flowers?

To create a realistic arrangement using artificial flowers, follow the same principles you would with real flowers. Key aspects of arranging natural flowers also apply to artificial ones. It’s helpful to sketch out the arrangement on paper to visualize your goal clearly.

Determine which colors will go where and what types of flowers will occupy specific positions. Creating a detailed plan will increase the likelihood of a beautiful result. Consider the purpose of the cake—wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.—to determine the colors, types, and size of the floral arrangement. Working with artificial flowers allows you to position them precisely, enabling you to create a masterpiece.

Why Use Artificial Flowers for Cake Decoration?

There are situations where real flowers are impractical, such as weddings. In many wedding ceremonies, the cake cutting occurs hours after the ceremony, making it challenging to use real flowers that may wilt before the reception. Opting for artificial flowers ensures that both the cake and its decorations stay fresh throughout the day.

Some individuals have allergies and cannot be around real flowers. If you or your guests have allergies but still want flowers on your cake, silk or artificial flowers are an allergen-free choice.

Artificial flowers offer better availability than real flowers. They are always accessible, regardless of the time or season. In contrast, real flowers are primarily seasonal and can be expensive when not in season.

Let Experts Assist You in Choosing Quality Artificial Flowers

To achieve the best results with your artificial flowers, prioritize quality. While various types of artificial flowers are available, not all will produce the realistic appearance you desire. When shopping for artificial flowers, whether for cakes or other decorations, insist on high-quality products.

If you’re unsure about which artificial flowers will work best for your specific situation, consult experts. Their expertise can guide you, taking the guesswork out of your cake decoration. They are aware of the latest trends in the market and can help you find something that captures your desired end result.

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