Decorating Dilemma: How to Decorate Above Your Stove

Spice Up Your Kitchen with Unique Decor Above Your Stove

Decor above stove

Decorating your home can be a breeze in some areas, but others pose a challenge. One such tricky spot is the empty space above your stove. It’s a blank canvas just waiting for a touch of creativity to make you smile while you’re busy cooking up a storm. So, what can you do to spruce it up? Let’s explore some ideas and draw inspiration from my cottage and the homes of my friends.

Beautiful Tile Patterns for a Charming Look

Take a look at my friend Lisa’s kitchen in the photo above. When she renovated her kitchen a few years ago, she decided to add some spice to the area above her stove by incorporating a beautiful tile pattern. She enhanced the charm by displaying changeable items on the shelf above the stove and on either side.

Decor above stove 2

Layered Wood Cutting Boards for a Natural Warmth

Another brilliant idea comes from my friend Tammy, who boasts a light, bright, and airy kitchen. She cleverly layered a mix of thin wood cutting boards behind her stove. These boards complement the tones in her exposed brick walls, adding a touch of natural warmth and introducing an organic pattern. The varying sizes and shapes of the boards create a visually captivating effect.

Decor above stove 3

Transforming Lackluster Spaces with Copper Kitchenware

When my friend Paula purchased her home, she loved everything about it except for the kitchen. Although a complete remodel wasn’t in the plans, Paula’s resourcefulness and decorating skills came to the rescue. She stumbled upon a box filled with copper kitchenware at a garage sale for a mere $20! Paula promptly installed a pot rack above her stove and adorned it with the copper pieces. This simple addition transformed the lackluster spot into a stunning focal point.

Decor above stove 4

Showcasing Family Heirlooms and Antiques

During the renovation of her cozy cottage, Nancy opted for a decor style that highlighted her family heirlooms and antiques. She had acquired a piece from a cast-iron stove at an antique store and found the perfect spot for it behind her stove. However, moving the piece proved to be a Herculean task due to its weight. Nancy’s patient husband, Don, had to purchase a hydraulic lift to place it in position. If it were my husband, he would have given me that “Are you crazy?” look and relegated the poor antique to the garden, leaning against a stone wall, with a plant obscuring it.

Decor above stove 5

Personalizing the Space with Art

If you’re like me and rarely use your stove, you have the freedom to get creative with the decor surrounding it without worrying about functionality. Currently, above my stove, you’ll find an oil painting done by my great aunt. It adds a touch of artistic flair to the space.

Decor above stove 6

Utilizing Extra Furniture and Accents

As I decorate the small cottage next door, which was once my mom’s home, I find it the perfect place to showcase furniture and accents that don’t fit in my own cottage. A prime example is the set of elegant Limoges fish plates I stumbled upon during my annual post-holiday season retail therapy session. Since I didn’t have enough room in my cottage, I decided to display them above the stove in my mom’s old kitchen. The space was ideal for highlighting their beauty.

Next Week … Stay tuned for a captivating story about two unique bedrooms.

Decor above stove 7

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